After a long trip last week back from Asia, there was nothing better than to take a quick hop across the port on the electric Boat Bus, with some stunning sunset views of the buildings of Monaco. It was a great feeling and surprisingly peaceful to glide silently over the calm waters of the Mediterranean after the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and Taiwan. [...]
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Vous avez prévu de visiter Cannes ? Je vous livre ici mon top 10 des incontournables à voir et à faire à Cannes, l'une des villes les plus emblématiques de la Côte d'Azur et qui rayonne depuis des décennies à l'international. Cannes se résume souvent à son célèbre festival international du film, aux yachts, aux soirées mondaines et aux paillettes…. Pourtant derrière cette facette se cache de nombreux trésors souvent méconnus des visiteurs, qui viennent seulement quelques heures à Cannes pour se faire un selfie devant les marches du palais des festivals et boire un cocktail sur une plage privée [...]
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I'm currently on my way back to Europe from a really nice trip to Asia, which included 3 days in the lovely metropolis of Hong Kong. I think it was about my 20th time there but there is nothing more satisfying than arriving after a 20 hour journey and walking along the newly-renovated Kowloon waterfront, enjoying the fantastic views across Victoria Harbour towards the spectacular skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island – it's title as “Asia's World City” is fully justified! [...]
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When I'm asked what sort of typical dishes one can eat in Monaco, the barbaguian is the first thing that springs to mind! This delicious snack is made out of a very light pastry stuffed with a mix of Swiss chard (blettes in French, a kind of spinach), then fried until golden brown. The origin is of course under debate between the local villages but the general consensus is that it's mainly a speciality from Monaco… You can find them in the market at the Place d'Armes and in the A Roca stores amongst others but generally the best ones [...]
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In addition to being a fantastic museum with great content, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is also an architectural gem – purposely built in a strategic location in the Old Town of Monaco ahead of its inauguration in 1910, it really looks like it was slammed into the side of the cliff side. You can check out this amazing perspective from the entrance to the Parking des Pêcheurs public car park, accessible by lift from the museum esplanade. To discover the museum in more detail, check out the dedicated blog article! [...]
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Schrijven en wijn. Voor veel mensen twee favorieten. Of niet eens favoriet, maar gewoon een leuke hobby of tijdverdrijf. Dat kan natuurlijk ook. Wat het ook is: hoe mooi zou het zijn om deze twee te combineren in een prachtige Franse setting: met uitzicht op de glooiende heuvels van de Ardèche… Zelf ben ik al dol op schrijven sinds ik een klein meisje was. Troost je: niet op wijn, dat kwam op latere leeftijd pas. Maar dat schrijven, daar werd ik al vroeg heel erg blij van. Als klein meisje kreeg ik van mijn vader een boekje aangereikt met enkel wat [...]
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Walking down a major shopping street in Monaco last week after a dentist's appointment, I looked up and noticed some nice classical Belle Époque architecture from the 1920s. Sadly more and more of these buildings are being knocked down to make way for more modern and functional buildings but it's important to stay close to the heritage of the area as the past often contains the keys to future success! [...]
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The influence of the French Riviera truly stretches all around the world! I'm currently touring around East Asia and was pretty surprised when I came across a subsidiary of the glamorous Café de Paris of Monte Carlo, not on Casino Square but in the lobby of the palatial Galaxy Hotel in the former Portuguese colony of Macau in southern China, also a global gambling capital. Was very happy to see a nice sculpture of the late Princess Grace and some vibes back from home, even on the opposite side of the world by the Pacific Ocean… [...]
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“A Unique Time Travel Experience in the 17th century French royal court” that, of course, I just had to experience while in the town of Versailles. In the beginning of its second (now third) year, the restaurant-theater is an asthetic and gastronomic delight: dining while actors in period costume perform a themed presentation* from the days of French court life. The air-conditioned restaurant is an easy 10-minute walk from the Chateau de Versailles and was appropriately decorated and very customer service oriented, not to mention a delicious culinary experience. An added delight to enhance your visit to Versailles * In French with sessions [...]
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A perfect walk to do in the spring is to enjoy a 30 minute stroll along the coastline from Beaulieu to the port of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat – it's a fully flat footpath and affords stunning views along the eastern part of the French Riviera and its dramatic mountains. Why not combine with a visit to Villa Kerylos in Beaulieu and then either go to Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild on top of the hill or else a nice lunch by the quaint port of Saint Jean? Enjoy the weekend! [...]
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When you fly in to Nice airport from the west, it's difficult not to notice the striking red rocks and bizarre shapes of the Esterel mountains, a volcanic mountain range that floated off Africa several million years ago and now forms the border between the Var and the Alpes Maritimes departments, just west of Cannes! Nowadays, in the absence of dinosaurs and other dodgy creatures, it's a great place for hiking and also to relax on the lovely red beaches, the contrast with the blue of the Mediterranean makes it a truly magical spot. But this time of the year [...]
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Jazz fans have a special treat this Friday when jazz singer Patricia Barber appears at the Forum Nice Nord. A deep voice, mesmerizing climates, rhythms as arose from the bowels of the earth … Like Nina Simone or Shirley Horn, Patricia Barber accompanies herself on the piano. An elegant singer and pianist emeritus, she gained a flattering reputation from her debut album “Distortion of Love” in 1992. An admiration that never ceased for the one nicknamed “a pure sigh that comes from the soul “. Avant-garde creator, she devotes her work to the great repertoire, adorning it with a thousand [...]
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Joie de vivre. Levensvreugde. Meer dan ooit zijn het woorden die ik omarm. Dat vraagt om weer eens een persoonlijk blogje. Want dat is verdorie ineens alweer veel te lang geleden… Terwijl ik dit schrijf schijnt een lentezonnetje bij me naar binnen. Eind februari. Tulpen staan op tafel. Ik voel kriebels. Kriebels voor de lente, voor de zon. Kriebels voor dit leven. Ik geniet. En dat maakt me gelukkig, want genieten is geen vanzelfsprekendheid in dit leven. Maar, daarvan ben ik inmiddels overtuigd, vaak wél een keuze. Toen er het afgelopen jaar een einde kwam aan mijn relatie na bijna tien jaar, [...]
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Voyager partout et découvrir les merveilles de notre monde, c'est bien. Mais s'y préparer en conséquence en choisissant judicieusement ses vêtements pour affronter sereinement un froid d'hiver différent de celui qu'on connaît en est une autre. Il est donc primordial de savoir quels vêtements mettre dans sa valise lorsqu'on a pour destination un pays glacial. Equipement pour l'hiver, tout savoir Si vous vous êtes bien renseigné en amont sur votre destination, vous devriez sûrement savoir qu'en hiver, le thermomètre dans certains pays peut indiquer une température allant jusqu'à -45°C. Ce qui n'est toutefois pas facile à vivre pour un nouvel [...]
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A rare window seat on a Lufthansa flight from Nice to Munich last April gave me some stunning take off views of the French Riviera which I'll be sharing over the coming days… This shot encompasses the whole city of Nice, from the Mont Boron to the east (on the right) to the valley of Magnan to the west, just after the airport. Naturally the snow-capped summits of the southern Alps provide a spectacular amphitheatre that makes every take off heading east very spectacular (make sure you get the A/B/C row) [...]
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Monday morning motivation! Hope this lovely photo of the beach on the Croisette in Cannes and of the Esterel mountains in the distance will fill you up with positive energy for the coming week and help you achieve all your goals To find out more about this beautiful city, check out my report about the Cannes Film Festival here [...]
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This stunning view of the port of Monaco was taken from rue des Remparts on a beautiful February afternoon last week. Port Hercules is mainly known nowadays as a docking area for superyachts and the main theatre for Formula 1 exploits at the end of May each year during the Monaco Grand Prix. But it's also important to understand that it's one of the main reasons for which Monaco has remained independent for so many centuries: the only natural deep water harbour in the region, the fact that it faces east has protected sailors from Mediterranean storms and has made [...]
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It's the weekend so a great opportunity to put your feet up and enjoy some serenity! There is no better place than the Exotic Garden of Eze village, definitely worth the climb to the top of the village and soak in the ethereal beauty enhanced by the lovely statues that look like a bit like the Caryatids of the Parthenon in Athens: check out this lovely viewpoint down at the bottom with deckchairs where you can just unwind! Full details and report in this article, enjoy the weekend! [...]
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C'est bientôt les vacances et vous vous demandez que prendre comme matériel photo et vidéo en voyage ? Cet article est fait pour vous ! Je vous présente tout mon matériel photo et vidéo et je vous donne également quelques conseils pratiques pour votre futur voyage. Si on la fait court, mon métier c'est voyager ! Mais il ne s'agira certainement pas des mêmes voyages que vous. Je pars les trois quart du temps autour du monde pour des missions de production de contenus. C'est à dire réaliser des articles, des photos et des vidéos au format Best Of ou [...]
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Despite appearances, this is not Greece but indeed on the French Riviera in one of the most original spots, the beautiful Villa Kerylos in Beaulieu sur Mer. Built in the early 20th century by wealthy humanist financier Theodore Reinach in a splendid setting, it combines modern amenities at the time with all the trappings of an Ancient Greek villa. This splendid mosaic on the floor of the main living room represents the slaying of the Minotaur by Theseus in the heart of the labyrinth of King Minos' Palace in Knossos, Crete. Find out more about this splendid villa and its [...]
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Hello à tous ! Aujourd'hui j'ai souhaité vous parler des langues étrangères car j'ai remarqué que quand je parle de mes voyages autour de moi les réactions sont toujours positives, mon entourage trouve ça génial de voyager autant mais j'ai aussi rencontré des personnes plus réticentes et qui exprimaient une sensation de peur à l'idée de voyager dans un pays étranger en raison de la barrière de la langue. Je trouve cela tellement dommage de se braquer avec un détail et c'est pourquoi je vais vous donner des petites astuces pour communiquer plus facilement. En ce qui me concerne je [...]
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Flashback to my unforgettable Balkan road trip of August 2015 and the view from the Sky Bar in the weird and wonderful capital of Albania that looks like pretty much nowhere else in the region or the world, total culture shock! In order to get to grips with this city, we decided to have a drink at the highest bar of the city and were greeted with this stunning panoramic view at sunset before going for a delicious typical dinner at a restaurant called Oda. By the way, if you're wondering why I'm posting random pics from around the world [...]
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The geographical proximity to Italy means that you can get very good pizza and pasta on the French Riviera, almost as good as the real thing… This excellent quattro formaggi totally hit the spot on a chilly February Sunday, I tasted it at the very pleasant Restaurant Quai 29 just opposite the market and close to the sea, I can definitely recommend it as they were nice and generous with the gorgonzola which some restaurants are quite skimpy on! [...]
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Nice has had a pretty rough time over the last few years, especially with the terrorist attack of July 2016, but this tragic event did bring people together and bring a more positive vibe to the city. This large sculpture, mainly destined to be shared on Instagram and therefore pretty hard to miss, appeared in the summer of 2017 and is put in various iconic locations of the city: it spent a lot of time on Quai Rauba Capeu, the deliciously named tip of the Promenade des Anglais underneath the castle but I found it last night on the brand [...]
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If you have already visited Monaco, you will have noticed the intense building work that is constantly taking place, it's part of the life here that keeps the Principality independent, prosperous and dynamic, even though things can sometimes get pretty noisy and cause traffic jams! There are currently huge ships in the sea just off the Fairmont hotel and the Grand Prix tunnel, these are here to build a new land reclamation shaped like a peninsula which will take shape over the next 5-10 years and will change the appearance of this very central neighborhood, hopefully in a positive manner. [...]
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This is a beautiful photo illustrating the elegance of the city of Genoa in Italy and the lovely Piazza Ferrari. Located only around 2 hours drive from Nice, this lovely coastal city, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, has had plenty of influence on the historical development of the eastern part of the French Riviera, notably Monaco. Its UNESCO heritage city center is unforgettable, as are the views and the food. I'm planning to write a proper article over the coming weeks about my recent visit, so watch this space! [...]
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Bienvenue à Nissa La Bella ! J'ai vécu de nombreuses années sur la côte d'Azur et Nice est sûrement l'une de mes villes préférées. Vous avez prévu de venir séjourner dans la région ? Vous recherchez les incontournables à voir et à faire à Nice ? Parfait, cet article est fait pour vous ! Je vous avais déjà parlé dans d'autres articles du blog de mes villages coup de coeur de l'arrière pays azuréen, mais aussi des plages secrètes de la Côte d'Azur, sans oublier les stations de ski de la Côte d'Azur. Aujourd'hui je reviens sur le littoral pour [...]
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I recently got up early on a beautiful Saturday morning just before heading to Genoa in Italy for the weekend to go for a 5km run on the coastal path just west of Monaco, following the Mediterranean from Plage Marquet in Cap d'Ail to the magical Mala Beach: this stunning view is just an example of what you can see on this trail which is perfect both for walking and for running, perched between the mountain and the sea with stunning Belle Epoque villas – for more information, check out this article! [...]
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THE iconic angle looking west over Monaco, taken from the former Vista Palace hotel in Roquebrune, an eagle's nest perched 330m above the Mediterranean. To get here, you need a car and drive up towards the motorway access ramp in the direction of Italy – lots of construction work near the hotel which is being rebuilt going on but it is worth it, especially at sunset! [...]
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