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New Beach Restaurants in Nice 2020

It’s not all frilly parasols and fruity drinks on Nice’s beaches this summer. Regular beachgoers have been stunned to discover that some of Nice’s most stalwart beach restaurants have been replaced. Goodbye Sporting, Lido, Miami, Voilier and Neptune beach restaurants. Near the end of 2019 the owners were notified that their concessions, which run for 12 years, were not going to be renewed. Even after a lawsuit, the reasons for the termination remain murky but surely quality control had a lot to do with it. Given a global pandemic that has decimated travel to the Riviera this year, it seems not to be the best time to forge ahead with a tourism-dependent business. Still, the new winners of the beach concession auction have been furiously hammering away at floors and bars, carting in beach equipment and setting out the tables. As of the past weekend, all the restaurants are finally ready to meet and greet whosoever drifts in. Because of dwindling numbers, few are prepared to serve dinner but are open for lunch and cocktails. It’s best to call first in case there’s a private party. These establishments are so new that reviews are sparse. Why not try one and leave a review at one of the links below? Here are the new beach restaurants in Nice this year: La Baieta La Baieta means “the kiss” in Nissart, Nice’s ancient language. This new restaurant kissed goodbye to the former Lido beach restaurant (which had definitely gone downhill in recent years). … Continue reading →
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